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Wellness Programs & Health Fairs

business peopleAs you know, we spend over $1 trillion dollars in this country alone on health care, far more than any other nation in the world. What’s more, the average annual health care cost per person in the United States far exceeds $3,000 – lifetime costs per person are somewhere in the neighborhood of $225,000.

Sadly, despite these enormous expenditures, it is estimated that as many as 41 million Americans are without health care insurance. However, because much of these costs are linked to health habits, it is possible for employers to take aggressive action toward reducing health care utilization and containing costs by taking on a health promotion program.

Holmberg Wellness Group is Here to Help!

If you do not currently have a worksite wellness program the experts at Holmberg Wellness Group can help you get started and maintain excellence. If your company has a wellness program in use, ask yourself- Is your wellness program successful?

Employee’ Stress Levels are Increasing!

Increased level of stress for both you and your employees!! In fact, in a recent nationwide poll, 78% of Americans describe their jobs as stressful. Moreover, the vast majority indicated that their stress levels have worsened over the past ten years.
One thing’s for certain, if left unchecked, high levels of organizational stress will exact a very real toll on your business. From increased accidents, to reduced productivity, to unnecessary absenteeism, to increased medical care costs, stress is insidious in its nature and devastating in its impact.

Increasingly, more and more business leaders and health promotion practitioners are looking to health promotion programs as a means of reducing, managing, and in some instances, even eliminating harmful stressors. By implementing a comprehensive stress management intervention, it is possible for leaders of businesses to successfully combat prevalent stressors in the workplace.

Do you have an annual health fair that your employees can learn about health related benefits as well as enjoy a free of charge chair massage?

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