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Meet Dr. Greg Holmberg

Dr. Holmberg’s Own Chiropractic Tale…

Chiropractor Wichita, Dr. Greg Holmberg

At fifteen years of age, Dr. Holmberg hurt his back doing long jump in track. He began noticing pain in the back of his right leg shortly thereafter. The pain turned into a numbing/tingling sensation. He went to several orthopedic surgeons, neurological surgeons, physical therapists and physiotherapists. They all told him they did not see anything wrong and it would heal. Some mentioned not playing sports.

What was the answer?

Dr. Holmberg continued to play sports because they were his passion, even though his leg continued to be numb and weak. During sophomore football practice, his high school football coach noticed that Dr. Holmberg’s right leg did not move properly and approached him. He asked what was wrong and what he was doing for it. Dr. Holmberg told him about the problem and who he had seen. His coach told him to go to a chiropractor. He did, and within three to four months the numbness and tingling was gone and he could now play sports like a “normal” kid. He also noticed his fatigue and heartburn disappear. This fueled his passion to become a chiropractor.

Dr. Holmberg’s Educational Experience

Born and raised in Nebraska, Dr. Holmberg followed the true Cornhusker tradition and attended the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. After graduation, he went to Northwestern College of Chiropractic near Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Where is he now?

Today, Dr. Holmberg is helping people with all kinds of different health issues with the same incredible story endings. He provides chiropractic, weight loss, nutritional counseling, pain management and injury rehabilitation services. He has twenty-five years of experience and is an expert in arthritis, chronic pain syndromes, weight loss, fatigue, back pain and headaches. He has a passion for helping people reach their optimal health safely and naturally.

Dr. Greg and wife Mandy

On a Personal Note…

Dr. Holmberg is married and has two children. In his free time, he enjoys spending time with his family, exercising, playing and watching sports, reading, and golfing. He is involved in his church and promotes health through community lectures.

A Note From the Doc

“Every person has some health condition or problem that needs to be addressed, especially if it affects their lifestyle. We invite you to call our Wichita chiropractic office for a free life changing consultation to see if we can help you improve your lifestyle. If we can, we will tell you and work to improving you to your state of optimal health!”

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